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Next Freshie Film Night Thur 28 August
The News
Written by The Doctor   
Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wood Sails Dreams

Following on the great success of the inaugural Freshie film night recently, the next one is set down for Thursday 28 Aug at 19.30hrs upstairs in the Athol Hobbs room for members & their guests. Ausmagic & I are happy to have anyone as our guests on the night!

I think of Wood Sails Dreams not as a documentary but rather as visual poetry-an impressionistic film that

reveals not so much the deep histories of classic yachts themselves, but instead the histories


of the passionate people who saved them.”

Wood • Sails • Dreams from John Stanton on Vimeo.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 August 2014 )
Cut the Ropes!
Written by The Doctor   
Monday, 18 August 2014

 So who cut the ropes?

All she needed was a bit more speed to crash through all three bridges!

Last Updated ( Monday, 18 August 2014 )
Monday Video
The News
Written by The Doctor   
Monday, 18 August 2014

Here's some vid from Calm during teh recent winter series off Fremantle.

More here:

Calm Racing-Winter season 2014 from Calm Racing on Vimeo.



Last Updated ( Monday, 18 August 2014 )
2014 World Laser Radial Youth Championships
The News
Written by Tristan Brown   
Tuesday, 12 August 2014

 2014 World Laser Radial Youth Championships

 By Tristan Brown




The 2014 World Laser Radial Youth Championships were recently held in Dziwnow, Poland from the 26th July – 2nd August. The team representing Australia at this event consisted of Lachy Gilham (WA), Finn Alexander (NSW), Jacinta Ainsworth (WA), Conor Nicholas (WA) and I was fortunate enough to be the coach.

 Lachy, Finn and Conor all competed in the World Laser Radial Men’s Championships and consequently took the chance for some rest for the two days in between each of the regattas, however, there was no rest for me as I hit the water the next day coaching Jacinta.

 Due to the large numbers competing (81 female and 159 boys) the girls were divided into two fleets and the boys three fleets for four days of qualifying racing. During the qualifying series sailors race together in even fleets as allocated by the overall results and for the last two days of the championship they race in what is known as a Finals series where the fleet is separated into Gold, Silver and Bronze. The top sailors (based on the results) go into Gold, the middle of the rankings into Silver and so on.


 Following a week of stronger winds for the Open Men’s championship, the Youth sailors were treated to a change of scenery with several lighter wind days. This meant that they needed to be towed out of the River Dziwnow and out to the racecourse most days.

 Day one of racing saw light winds with the second race of the day needing to be shortened to avoid exceeding the time limit. Jacinta had the best day out of the Australians posting a 7th in Race 1! Lachy Gilham also showed improved form, however, this wasn’t reflected on the scorecard due to an unfortunate yellow flag near the finish line of his better race.


 Day two we were greeted by sea fog, and this delayed racing initially. Once we arrived on the course conditions were clear, however, once the first race of the day begun the fog made an unwelcome appearance back across the course. For the girls racing visibility was reduced to less than 30 metres and the sbest strategy was to follow the nearest boat in front of you, to enable you to locate each of the course marks. The jury boat motored around the course just ahead of the leaders escorting them towards each of the marks. By the bottom mark the mark laying boats were needing to blow whistles to enable the sailors to hear where the marks were as they definitely couldn’t see them! Somehow all sailors managed to find their way around the course, but due to the deteriorating conditions we were sent ashore to wait for the fog to clear. All of the coaches and sailors had to follow a compass bearing to ensure that we got back to the marina! The fog didn’t faze Lachy Gilham as he sailed his way to his best result in the regatta, a 7th place.


 Eventually the fog did clear later in the day and by 4pm we were racing again. Finn sailed extremely well to claim his first World Championships race win, whilst Conor Nicholas finished close behind in 3rd.

 Unfortunately on Day three we didn’t get any racing in due to a lack of wind for the majority of the day. Late in the day the wind did come in, however, we were unable to make the most of it due to the risk associated with the lightening that came with it!


 Day four of racing was make or break for the sailors. Today was their last chance to qualify for the Gold fleet and due to no racing the previous day, three races were scheduled. Both Finn and Conor had good first two races posting a 5th & 4th and 4th and 3rd respectively, however, they both struggled in the final race of the day with Conor sailing a drop (25th) and Finn being disqualified via Black Flag after finishing 10th. Jacinta ended her day one a high with a 6th place solidifying her position in Gold fleet, however, Lachy Gilham struggled with some starting issues to miss the Silver fleet cut by 2 points!

 Day five was the first day of gold fleet racing and the rise in tempo was noticeable with the sailors separated by much less distance and no one giving an inch.  Notable moments for the day were Conor’s 4th place finish in the opening gold fleet race and Jacinta’s comeback after a top mark altercation saw her lying in last position. She clawed her way back through the fleet to end up 25th out of the 41 boats.


 Day six saw Finn find some form again to finish 7th in the first race of the day whilst Conor reveled in the stronger conditions presented in the final race of the championships to claim 2nd and secure his place inside the top 10 overall.

 Final overall results for the team were as follows:

 Boys (159 Boats)

 9th – Conor Nicholas (2nd Under 17)

32nd – Finn Alexander

125th – Lachy Gilham

 Girls (81 Boats)

18th – Jacinta Ainsworth


 Thanks to Paul Gilham for being the nominated team manager, to Diane Ainsworth for organizing the team uniforms and to all of the parents for their support in the lead up and during the regatta!

 Congratulations to the entire team for all of their efforts not only during the regatta, but for the several months spent preparing at home. I look forward to seeing how the team progresses leading up to the Australian Laser Championships and Mandurah Offshore and Fishing Sailing Club and Australian Youth Championships at Fremantle Sailing Club later in the year!

 For full results visit:

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 August 2014 )
Team Gilmour wins Jubilee Yava Trophy in Yekaterinburg, Russia
The News
Written by Team Gilmour   
Tuesday, 12 August 2014




David Gilmour, Will Mackenzie, Luke Payne, Peter Nicholas and Ed Powys

Team Gilmour wins the 20th edition on the Yava Trophy Match Race in Yekaterinburg, Russia in light fickle conditions

After 3 days of next to no wind on a small lake in the middle of Russia Team Gilmour managed overcome the light and shifty conditions to take the win in a white wash final against Eugeniy Neugodnikov from Russia.

The 2 middle days of the regatta were pretty much a right off with so little breeze that only 3 flights were completed of these days. Fully credit to the race committee who spent long hours on the water monitoring the breeze and getting in a race whenever the conditions were suitable. These two days were filled with extremely competitive card games and enthralling and intellectual conversations!

The 4th and final day arrived and after only a short wait ashore the breeze filled in and appeared to be quite stable (compared to what we had had over the days before).
The race committee again did a good job at getting through all of the round robin with enough time to start a semi finals series. Me managed to top the round robin after winning a close race against Neugodnikov. We chose to sail against fellow Aussie Neville Wittey, a veteran of the event and a local celebrity. We won the first race convincingly over Wittey and started another which we were also winner for it only to be abandoned due to a massive wind shift on the first beat.
With the time limit for the semi finals approaching fast the race committee decided to run another race of the semi finals, which Wittey managed to take from us. However after that race the time limit had expired and we were through to the final due to a tied semis which we won on count back as we topped the round robin


Neugodnikov won is semi final in straight sets against other local Sergey Musikhin. By this time the breeze had steadied and we had a 5 to 8 knot southerly. 

We dominated Neugodnikov in the prestart of the first race and lead the whole way around the course, with tactician Ed Powys picking every shift almost perfectly. The second prestart was a little more even but we still had the better of the starts and managed to massage Neugodnikov to a layline early on the first beat, from this point it was all about clean defensive sailing. The team managed to get the boat around the course with superior speed and boat handling to win the 2nd race and take the win in the Jubilee Yava Trophy, albeit with a slightly nervous last downwind where Neugonikov came around the top mark with better pressure and managed to make some small gains.

"We are really stoked to take the win in what has been a very tough and tricky week, the boys did a great job and really stepped it up in the final. Everyone has really made us feel welcome here and it has been a great event" said skipper Dave Gilmour


 Once again a big thanks to our partners and check out of Facebook page for regular updates.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 August 2014 )
World Laser Radial Men’s Championships 2014 Report
The News
Written by Tristan Brown   
Tuesday, 12 August 2014

 World Laser Radial Men’s Championships 2014 Report

 By Tristan Brown

 The 2014 World Laser Radial Men’s Championships were recently held in Dziwnow, Poland from the 19th – 25th July. Brad Utting, Conor Nicholas, Lachy Gilham, Ben Gunther, Finn Alexander, Alistair Young, James Burman, Jeff Loosemore and myself represented Australia in this event.

 I contested two Europa Cup events as warm up events (in Warnemunde, Germany and one at the regatta venue in Poland) and placed 2nd and 1st respectively.  After winning the Europa Cup at the regatta venue against three time Polish World Champion Marcin Rudawski I was feeling confident and following this had an extra weeks training in Dziwnow in preparation for the main event.

 Dziwnow is very new to sailing with the marina only being built six months prior to our arrival at the World Championships, however, the regatta staff were very friendly and even helped us arrange new accommodation after the local caravan park was not suitable due to its condition and loud music each night!

 The weeks training prior to the event was all done in very light winds, however, once Day 1 of the regatta came around it was a completely different story. The wind was back to the same direction as the Europa Cup and was regularly hitting 20 knots. I struggled to round the top mark in the front bunch and consequently ended up with an 8th and a 5th  to start the event.

 The 76 boat fleet was all started in one fleet and this meant that there was big potential for gains or losses from the start of the event as opposed to the normal Qualifying and Finals format where the fleet is split into two. This resulted in many general recalls each start with all races started under the black flag.

 On Day 2 we were presented with very similar conditions 15-20 knots and a reasonable sized swell. This resulted in the heavier sailors who had dropped down from the Laser Standard rig dominating the leaderboard. I had my worst day of the event getting stuck on the wrong side of the course, scoring a 21st and 7th. After this day it was quite clear that it was going to be hard for me to defend my World Championship and I just had to try and remain positive and continue to fight for every position.

 Day three I finally managed to string together two good races to end the day with an 8th and a 3rd. I was really happy to finally make some inroads into the top five sailors after struggling to round the top mark in the first group. As always if you have good speed and can round the top mark in the top group the race becomes a whole lot easier in clear air with a bit of space!

 Day four started in lighter winds of about 12 knots. I had a good start and continued to chip away at the top group throughout the hour-long race. Going into the final downwind I was in 2nd place and managed to overtake downwind to claim my first race win of the regatta. About time! Unfortunately a poor start in race two cost me and I could only get back to 12th place.

 This left me in 5th overall going into the final day, however, this wasn’t really realistic as with the 2nd drop (which came into play after Race 10) I would slip back to 6th overall. I knew if I had a good final day and things fell my way that I could sneak up onto the podium.

 My final day didn’t get underway how I had planned with a terrible first upwind. After fighting my way through the fleet the entire race I ended up finishing 10th. This meant that I could not beat the Belgian sailor overall as he had managed to get back to 3rd in the race after also being deep in the fleet.

 The final race of the championships was one of my best, with a really good start and the ability to cross the fleet off of the line, I was tussling for 1st position the entire race with a Spanish sailor. Unfortunately I was not able to get past, eventually finishing the race in 2nd by one metre at the finish line!

 This good result in the final race meant that I finished 4th overall and 2 points off of 3rd! Polish sailors Jonasz Stelmaszyk and Marcin Rudawski claimed 1st and 2nd respectively, whilst Belgian sailor William De Smet finished third overall.

 Congratulations to the other West Australians competing on their results:

 13th – Alistair Young

21st – Conor Nicholas

35th – Brad Utting

45th - Lachy Gilham



In the end I was happy to salvage a respectable result out of an event that didn’t really go my way, but still very disappointed to relinquish my World Championship title. I learnt a lot from the event and look forward to working on the weaknesses I have identified and will be even more determined to try and get the title back next year wherever that may be!

 Competing at these events is not possible without a tremendous amount of support. I must thank Belinda Stowell for her input coaching throughout the regatta and to Arthur Brett for his advice from home, my parents for their ongoing support, Fremantle Sailing Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, WA Laser Association, Optimum Time, and Monkeyfist Marine for their continued support.

 I now look forward to coaching the Australian team at the World Laser Radial Youth Championships also in Dziwnow, Poland starting tomorrow!

 Full results can be found here:




Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 August 2014 )
The Doctor is in !!!
The News
Written by The Doctor   
Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Looks like we have things fixed!

Huge thanks to Marcel Korte for helping out



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 August 2014 )
Apre Sailing
The News
Written by The Doctor   
Thursday, 17 July 2014

 Latest of Apres sailing Fashion - Musto, Henry Lloyd, HH or  Melbourne  Cup ?

Liquidleasure will be all OVER it!    

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 July 2014 )
Wipe Out Wednesday
The News
Written by The Doctor   
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Well if you haven't seen it already, here's a mash-up from the 2014 offshore sailing season with some good wipe-outs & sail carnage.



Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 July 2014 )
Latest on Lasers in Europe
The News
Written by Tristan Brown   
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

 Warnemunde Woche 2014

 After a long days travelling I finally arrived at Wanemunde, the venue for the German Europa Cup. I decided to attend this event as a warm up ahead of the World Laser Radial Championships in Poland in July.

 During the event, a festival is also held in Warnemunde to really make the place a spectacle from the 5th – 13th July. Our racing was held from the 5th – 8th July. Thousands of people descend on this small location, many who have just stepped off their luxurious cruise liner for the day!


Unfortunately I didn’t receive my charter boat until very late the night before the regatta started so I was frantically busy setting it up ready for racing and desperate to get out onto the race course to test everything out. I eventually got the chance to do this when finished setting the boat up at 7:15pm! I went out for 45 minutes and everything seemed in order.

 On the first scheduled day of racing we were postponed ashore all day due to a lack of wind. This had been all too common for European regattas this season with a similar situation having recently occurred at the Europeans in Croatia and Kiel Week in Germany. This cancellation gave me the chance to get out for a run to maintain some fitness.

 On Day Two we spent 7 hours on the water for two races.  Again these races were held in very light winds and I was happy to come away with a 3rd and a 5th place in the 52 boat fleet.


Day Three saw more wind from a different direction, which resulted in some nice waves to catch downwind. I sailed well in these conditions to claim 1,1,3 in the three races that day to move up into 2nd overall. I had some good battles this day with the Belgian sailor who lead overall.

 Day Four we all launched in an offshore wind, which was shifting quite a lot. After a long period sitting around out there waiting for the course to be laid, we started a race but this was eventually abandoned mid-way through. All racing was then cancelled for the day meaning that I would finish in 2nd overall one point off 1st!

 Congratulations to the other WA sailors competing on their results in the event: Brad Utting (6th Laser Radial) & Mark Spearman (5th Laser Standard & 2nd U21).

 This event was a great warm up event to get my mind back into bigger fleet and longer course racing and I look forward to using this to my advantage going forward towards the World Championships.

 Thank you to Fremantle Sailing Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, WA Laser Association, Optimum Time and Monkeyfist Marine for their continued support!


Europa Cup Poland

Following Warnemunde Woche, Brad Utting and I travelled from Germany to Poland with Irish Laser coach Ben Lynch. This meant that we were travelling in a seven seated van with six lasers and coach boat behind! (see attached photo). In what we thought was going to be a relatively short journey, it ended up taking 5 ½ hours due to traffic and road conditions. Once arriving in Dziwnow, Poland the location for the upcoming Europa Cup and World Laser Radial Championships we quickly got settled in by collecting our charter boats and setting them up ready for racing. 

I took my boat for a short practice sail prior to the event starting on the 11th July and this was a great experience with the fun downwind rides on such big waves making up for the upwind slog required to enjoy them.


To get out to the racecourse you have to sail out of a small canal and then out onto the ocean (similar to sailing down the river out from the old Fremantle traffic bridge and then out onto the ocean).

 On Day One of racing the conditions were crazy, 25knots of wind with some of the biggest swell I have ever been sailing in. I managed to come out of this long, hard day leading with a 1,1,2 scorecard having many close battles with the three time Polish World Radial Champion Marcin Rudawski. My brand new mast top section unfortunately didn’t handle these conditions too well, resulting in a significant bend.

 Day Two of racing the conditions were slightly more moderate with 15-18knots for the first two races and 7-10 knots for the third race of the day. I again had a consistent day with a 2,1,2 scorecard to maintain my lead. Unfortunately in the first race of the day (when in a close battle with Marcin) I went to tack on his transom going around the top mark and my foot missed the hiking strap, resulting in a capsize and me losing my favourite sunglasses!

 The final day of the event was very different, with a totally different wind direction and a much shiftier, lighter wind. I had extremely poor starts in both races to find myself well back in the fleet on both first unwinds. However, I used my downwind speed to my advantage to claw my way back through the fleet to end up with a 15th and a 2nd in the two races for the day. Bouncing back in the second race meant that I had managed to win the Europa Cup on the World Championships waters. A great confidence boost ahead of the main event, the World Laser Radial Championships in one weeks time!

 Thank you to Fremantle Sailing Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, WA Laser Association, Optimum Time and Monkeyfist Marine for their continued support!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 July 2014 )
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